QBE CyberCrime

Comprehensive insurance cover for SMEs

Cyber criminals are increasingly targeting small and medium-sized businesses as a stepping stone in order to gain access to the larger organisations that they work with or supply.

Virtually all UK businesses use online services and are exposed to cyber risks through email, websites, social media and online banking.

Over half of small and medium-sized firms have been the victim of at least one cyber breach in the last 12 months.

The scale of the threat is increasing. It’s no longer safe for businesses to think “it will never happen to us…”

A cyber incident can lead to:

  • Theft of money, data or goods
  • Business interruption
  • Reputational damage to the company or brand

Businesses like to deal with other businesses that won’t let them down. Firms that can demonstrate that they are taking the cyber threat seriously can be seen as being more reliable to deal with.

What would the cost and the impact be if business was down for a few days, a week or longer?

QBE CyberCrime Insurance can give extra peace of mind

As business insurance specialists, we understand that cyber crime isn’t just a problem for large organisations. Social engineering, ransomware, fraudulent emails and other cyber threats are one of the biggest risks facing businesses of all sizes today.

In line with our practice of developing innovative products going that bit farther, QBE CyberCrime is the first e-trade product of its type on the Acturis platform.

The product can include Social Engineering Fraud cover, Cyber Business Interruption cover and full Crime cover for greater peace of mind.

A rapid forensic response…

When an incident happens, a rapid response is vital. We’ve partnered with a data breach specialist to provide 24-hour a day assistance, including:

  • Professional assessment of the issue and work out the next steps
  • IT forensics experts to investigate and help resolve the issue, either working remotely or with a site visit
  • Legal advice throughout the claim
  • Experian credit monitoring service
  • Specialist Public Relations (PR) advice to help minimise any impact on the company reputation